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Interior design institution based on the production idea of “contemporary aesthetics”

Since its foundation, MULAND (Shenzhen MULAND Interior Design Co., Ltd) has been devoted itself into the exploration of leisure dining space. Based on existing modes of leisure dining space and human behaviors in this space, MULAND transfers information through element media like spatial building structure, light, color, texture, and sound from the angle of others and produces leisure space works with deep emotional communication that meet the behavioral nature of people. Designers no longer remain absolutely interested and absolutely influential with their role retreating to a section at the further upstream and their tasks turned into building a spatial environment and a medium, and striving for design and experience. Meanwhile, Experiencers increasingly serve as an active role in the contribution of contents for design. This is not about design itself but about the mode of design and experiencers’ thinking as if they are inside, fully reflecting that designers comply with the inner idea of contemporary aesthetic s..    

Today, MULAND stands on a new starting point and constantly teams up with top-notch talents and converge diversified wisdoms, sticks to innovative interaction dominance, combines commercial projects with design experiments to be used as contemporary aesthetics ideas, focuses on communications between humans and space, commits itself to offering visional spatial solution to customers who hope to stay close contact with consumer and deeply experience touch. 

以 “当代美学”创作理念的室内设计机构